Mushroom Foray

Come see what mushrooms we find on the Kenai Peninsula. Past and current groups include the FFSC, MSSF, SOMA, and plus folks from Oregon, Washington, California, Wisconsin associated with the North American Mycological Association and the list keeps growing. Past forays have identified over 200 species on the Kenai. Can your group identify more? Your Host Bill and Jerri are active members of the Fungus Federation of Santa Cruz and have a modest knowledge of amateur mycology.King Bollettebollette

See the wonderful world of fungi in Alaska with us. You will visit multiple sites while we forage the woods and tundra seeking the delightful edible Boletes and Gypsies as well as myriad species Alaska has to offer. The season begins about August 10 and runs through the end of August.

We will see Hawkswings at Skilac Lake, Leccinum on the Kenai River, Alaska Gold and hundreds of other mushrooms for the table and for the species list. Our itinerary always includes a potluck at the lodge with Bill and Jerri as hosts. Be ready to prepare your own special dish to share with the group. Excellent stores are near the lodge providing the ingredients and the wines to make this a gourmet delight. Who knows we might even have salmon on the menu.DSCN1908

We can host up to sixteen “shroomers” in our delightful cabins or lodge rooms. so call to get a week for your club or group as the space is limited.

Bring your collecting gear and plan on drying your find to take home with you. We provide a number of food dehydrators for our guests to use. be prepared for rain as this is the heart of the mushroom season on the Kenai.shroom

We leave time for you to tour around the area, fish for salmon and halibut or even take a fly-out for bear viewing, weather permitting. Plan on three days of foraging in different locales including one trip to the Seward area.

The cabins and rooms are fully equipped with single beds and all bedding and the cabins include kitchens with the utensils you need. The lodge has a commercial vacuum machine for any fish you might catch or purchase. Note that we do not sell fish at the lodge.

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